Selection of Staff

The staff of Manifest Security, other than the particular qualification which may have, must meet the basic criteria of selection. So, among others, candidates must have:   
  • excellent outward appearance
  • healthy state of mind and body
  • knowledge, experience and professional expertise in security 
  • proven experience of ate least 3 years in providing security services 
  • responsibility and ability to take initiative 
  • receptivity to undertake the duties to which they are assigned 
  • confidentiality 
  • Greek nationality 
  • military service obligations fulfilled (those who have completed their military service in special forces will be preferred) 
  • irst aid certification
  • basic knowledge of self defense
  • good knowledge of the legal framework relating to rights and third party liability  
  • proven experience in the use of security and fire detention systems 
  • experience in driving a private car and a driving license
  • license of private security staff, pursuant to law 2518/97
  • certification in English language
  • basic knowledge of computer