Remote Surveillance

What is Remote Surveillance?
Remote surveillance is the possibility which is provided to us in a camera security system for remote monitoring and management, whereas it doesn’t require physical presence of a person within the surveillance system.
The image is transferred via Internet to a Special Center of Image Capture and is processed by experienced and trained users. In case of breaching a security perimeter or any other infraction of predefined security scenarios, a Manifest Security patrol vehicle intervenes immediately.
In order to enable remote management, the existence of high resolution digital network cameras is required. The cameras are connected via a NAS Server to the internet for image transmittance.
Manifest Security, having as non-negotiable criterion to provide high quality products and services, chose the leading quality cameras of the company MOBOTIX. The choice was made after a long and thorough research and with main task the data recording, digital transmission and process at the highest possible resolution.
Why would you choose the Remote Surveillance Service rather than the traditional manned guarding?
  • It monitors simultaneously the entire length and width of a certain facility and not just one sector (as inregular walking patrol or patrol vehicle)
  • It adjusts itself under any weather conditions
  • It is never out of position
  • It doesn’t feel sleepy or falls asleep
  • It doesn’t have human body needs
  • It is not distracted by any external factor
  • It is not in bad mood
  • It doesn’t “relax”
  • It doesn’t provide third parties with critical information about company’s premises
  • It doesn’t participate in or facilitate any criminal activity
  • It doesn’t misread instructions
  • Its cost is comparably lower than manned guarding
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